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Whatever We Probably Already Had It

by Frog

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Charlie The lyrics on this album are great. I love how they play with dynamics and their chord progressions and rhythms are really compelling, especially with the vocal harmonies layered over them. This album's been in my heavy rotation for a while now on streaming services so I figured I should throw these guys some money. Favorite track: American.
suit goth
suit goth thumbnail
suit goth This is one of the best albums of the decade. In only 20 minutes it's the perfect combination of agonizing sadness, beauty, and a touch of black humor. I cannot recommend this enough to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Favorite track: God Once Loved a Woman.
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dat_boi_bubble Great album that has lots of spirit and identity. This duo definitely deserves more recognition and success, especially after releasing this masterpiece. Favorite track: American.
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Frog Lives! 00:17
American 03:12
Yes by god I’m American God is great he’s hilarious What the fuck y’all staring at Tall, dark, bald and arrogant Took the tram the rain flew off the glass Thought of you and paused to let it pass It takes it’s things off lays them on the grass O yes God bless the USA I’m Ok Call the paramedics Call a priest call fedex I’m a beast I’m pretty Fuck with me forget it Supermarkets lonely Clorox aisles Counter girl the phone she never smiles The fridge is buzzing like a child O yes God bless the USA I’m Ok Cluck Cluck pat yourself on the butt young man, I’m the king of smut young man, come give me a cut young man, shh
Card was declined, she walked home crying Do you need a ride, his car was dry Oh I, there’s something to hide with some other guy You met on the side There’s something to hide, you would’ve been a beautiful bride  Rented a room by the hour Home before noon in time to shower O wow There’s some kinda power in the car in the shower Oh you’re such a coward There’s something to hide, you would’ve been a beautiful bride Don’t you know why I don’t call you Don’t you know why I don’t care Truth be told I’m waiting for you Just a look and I’ll be there Got in a cab her hair still damp Turned on her phone and texted him Oh man There’s something to hide with some other guy You met on the side There’s something to hide, you couldn’t tell him if you tried
God once loved a woman Her features soft and German And one day after sermon God followed her home across the George Washington Where her blouse caught the sun and her eyes lit up like she recognized someone Her son ran passed the window He reached through the thin smoke and touched the yellow glass Through the cold burning past Now all the boneyards tremble with her name He felt her in him growing He wanted her to know him So when it started snowing God spoke to her from  The Path train platform The ground it shook rats ran in swarms And scratched and clawed and through the fog there rose a form He said you are the most beautiful thing that I made And he watched her face twist and melt towards the shade Now all the boneyards tremble with her name Something’s there you don’t care its unfair it’s a drain still clogged up with her hair Don’t you get the concept you ain’t slept it’s a dorm where her things were once kept
Fuck man was thinking of goin to sleep Or maybe getting something to eat 3 am vomit in cones on the street Drip dry repeat She died in a restroom in midtown I heard they had to break the door down She died in a restroom on the ground You’re never gonna make it now Yes yes miss I deserve admiration you can call this number for more information It’s a 3am, a free consultation, it’s a 1800 number here live in the station Yes miss I’m the king of all of this shit Call me Alec Baldwin of this shit And I make it to Nepal if I have to crawl, fill these veins with alcohol It’s a restroom in midtown Goddammnit I could use that now She died in a restroom in midtown I heard they had to break the door down You lead you don’t follow, you cum you don’t swallow, you bleed in this hovel, you call me tomorrow
Bones 02:54
Bones, we watched bones through the laundromat’s fumes in the cold  There’s a VA hospital that you and I’d walk by on our way to diners and beggars in popeye’s and now Did you know that you are the guardian of a part of my life that I had forgotten There’s a song that you learned from your mom and you thought if you’d call it out she’d come along And bro, you never know just what she’s thinking about on trains home Pain it’s all the same it’s always helping you out when you’re down Remember that tree we carved while you freezed and the rivers of shoes left to rot out in Queens where there’s something to say but I’m too afraid and I whisper it once now it’s gone, its ok, I say Kid, do you know that you are the guardian of a part of my life that I had forgotten There’s a song that you learned from your mom and you thought if you’d call it out she’d come along Did you know that I’ve thought about you every year in the cold where the train rattles through And I never told you it’s just what I do
Born dead, in a can Wacked off in a van Played first out of three bands, she came in late and brought her man Don’t be afraid, I won’t say anything Drop the needle turn over repeat, sell em on the corner of 14t​h​ st This shit is a con, you’re a coward you’re a clown, you’re never gonna get the fuck out of this town Don’t be afraid, 6-7 on down yes yes don’t tell me where you’re going it hurts so bad in the knowing There’s something I wanna say I’ve missed you ‘specially of late A shadow crosses her face Don’t tell me where you’re going Cus I can’t be trusted knowing Daddy darling, daddy doll, just hear me out that’s all I met a boy he’s nice, found his lord and savior in Jesus Christ Yes lord, don’t be afraid, god is with us every day pumpin Alice in Chains in the driveway Whisper the names of the towns on the highway There’s something I wanna say I’ve missed you ‘specially of late


Frog lives!

Album premiere on Cereal and Sounds -

"Something to Hide" was premiered on The Grey Estates -

"American" was premiered on Various Small Flames -

"Bones" was premiered on For the Rabbits -

Track by Track album commentary @ The Alternative -

"Kings of Blah" UK Tour Documentary -

Previous Press:

"A safer bet there’s never been – this record is essential." - GoldFlakePaint

"A bit of a masterpiece." - 7BitArcade

"Imagine the euphoric pop of Small Wonder getting caught in a time warp to the wild west with Modest Mouse’s ‘Satin in a Coffin’ and you just about scratch the surface." - DIY Mag

"I was taken aback by its apparent simplicity; a simplicity that at first masked a wealth of subtle nuances, wry homages, and nostalgic narratives that were enough to make listeners lament growing up anywhere other than suburban America." - The Line of Best Fit

"Oh, god. Help me, words. Help me convey what a blessing Frog is." - Collapse Board

"A record whose sheer flood of ideas couldn't be denied...Irreverent, strange and just a little addictive." - CLASH

"Utterly brilliant...they make you nostalgic for memories you never had and take you back to places you’ve never before been." - London In Stereo

"A solid reason for Frog to be your new favourite band - 8/10." - Shout4Music

"A perfectly melancholy subway ride..." - IMPOSE

"A splendid piece of work." - Gideon Coe (BBC 6 Music)

"Makes me grin so hard I think my face may actually split into two separate parts." - The 405

"Making you pine for romances you’ve never had...Perhaps the one unifying factor of the record is the degree of humanity upheld by each track present, the emotions and the experiences almost all universal - 4/5." - ARTROCKER

"Anyone who doesn’t get that enjoyment from it really is past saving" - Louder Than War

"A definite standout for the year." - ThrdCoast

"Have you spent any of your time listening to Frog? No? Then prepare yourself for something quite special, something you’ll rush to share with your friends, hoping to be the coolest kid on the block..." - Austin Town Hall

"A frenzy of fast guitar licks and off-kilter vocals, but it all comes together to form an impressive force." - MAGNET Magazine

"Anyone who's heard even the tiniest excerpt from Kind of Blah will attest that, however they came to it, they've found a spark of magic from somewhere." - Crackle Feedback

"Frog are the most wonderful weirdos, and we should hold them close to our hearts forever." - Don't Need No Melody

"Peek through a smeared window at an innocent and imaginary New York...the entire set feels like it exists outside of time...feels like a constant, noisy dawn..." - Clicky Clicky Music Blog

"Recorded under a derelict bowling alley, the album really does suck you into the New York that Frog know…‘I’m an adventurer’ is a line from the album and it’s a hell of a journey to join Frog on. An album that will have you an emotional mess at one moment and hopping for joy at the next…" - Spectral Nights

"Kind of Blah is America." - Wake the Deaf

"An LP you'll want to faun over and adore even when it confuses the hell out of you. The best artists never bare all on arrival and this is no different. Give it spin. And then another - until it makes sense - 8/10." - The Digital Fix

"Albums like this don't come around that often." - Independent Clauses

"It’s been a long, long time since a lo-fi recording has hit me as powerfully as frog’s 'Kind of Blah'...It’s tough to even begin speaking about this album because it subtly steals the words out of my mouth by taking my breath completely away." - Sly Vinyl

"Love this." - Huw Stephens (BBC Radio 1)

"Kind of Blah is an album that speaks to many, and it will speak to you if you give it a chance. There's a honesty and humanity at its core and Frog pull shimmers of beauty through music that is sad, painful and desperately catchy." - Scene Point Blank

"Here, frog has crafted something truly different, uniquely flawed, and indisputably special. And that’s kind of awesome - 4/5." - Sputnik


released November 30, 2018

Frog are Bateman the Gozarian and Tom the Destroyer.

Artwork by Benjamin Shaw
Cover photo by Alex Coppola
Mastering by Paul Gold


all rights reserved



Frog Queens, New York

Two real cool guys from Queens.


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